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BCO proposes changes to key design criteria in the Specification Guide

14th Jun 2022
By: Sarah O'Beirne
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 - Will+Partners
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The article writes,

There are two important things to consider with this announcement. Firstly, it places design front and centre of refurbishment and new buildings when industry had previously got caught up in old ways of thinking. The guidance is being altered to allow us to free-up design in a completely different way. From a sustainable level, it means we can also use less embodied carbon in a building to support its Net Zero Carbon approach. However, the announcement also means we can provide better designed spaces for accelerated agile working depending on what a tenant wants, who will need to become savvier with ESG by engaging more with their landlords.

William Poole-Wilson, MD at workplace design and strategy architects, WILL+Partners

There are some really insightful discussions surrounding Sustainability, Net Zero Carbon buildings and specifications of workplace design. The future is being rewritten and reimagined. We are all keeping up to date with the latest through recent events such as FOOTPRINT+, the Annual BCO Manchester Conference and Intelligent Building Europe 2022 which took place at the Excel Centre in May. Exciting things are happening!

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