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Where we work is all about collaboration. The environment is all about people, and the environment shapes us.


From brands and co-working, workstations and colleagues, through to material and light.

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About us

Our passion is design – we love to think, create, innovate and collaborate with our clients to invent and imagine inspiring spaces. We do this as workplace specialists in architecture, interior design, workplace behavioural strategy and graphic communicators.

As a global company we speak
different languages
We have designed
4.2 M
sq.ft of corporate interiors since 2018
We have
International Studios

Our Values

Our values form the basis of everything that we do.

Designing for the future

Every single one of us shares in our responsibility to leave a positive design legacy for future generations with our work

Wellbeing of people & planet

The places we create can make people happier and healthier

Employee ownership

Being an EOT realises the full potential of our people to create the best places

The client relationship

The best design solutions come from a trusting relationship with our clients based on healthy challenge, agility and flexibility

Thinking without borders 

Design for location requires thinking without borders

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